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Education- a pet peeve

The company I work for has a blog. I write there as well but the subject matter is very different. Since this is a business consulting firm, they expect me to write on things like marketing, branding and other business related ‘things’.  However, a few weeks ago I was asked to write about education. The company is making a foray into that field and they wanted to create some interest on the topic of education and how it is imparted. And I was at a loss for words.

Now, anybody who knows me knows that I have a lot to say about education. I could write tomes about it.  In fact, most people who know me have been subjected to the ‘education discussion’ quite unwittingly. Most people I have spoken to about this understand what I am saying but do not necessarily agree.  However, I have had trouble explaining my ideas. For one, they are in a state of constant modification, so I don’t appear to have much conviction ( I am quite convinced in my head though). And two, they are abstract, so they seem nebulous and not completely thought through.

And thus it is that I avoid writing about this or talking about this with the ‘general public’. I am always telling myself, “refine the argument and then deal with the masses”( i realize this is a slightly pompous and superior attitude). But then this blog request from my company put me in a quandary. The company itself doesn’t deal with any radical sense of education. So they don’t expect it. But then I found I am incapable of writing about any mundane aspect of education. My own ideas have so consumed my thoughts and actions that I cannot write about grades, marks, 10th board exams, try as I might. Perhaps its time to start writing my ‘convictionless’, ‘abstract’ ideas and start a debate of sorts with the world. Refining an argument will happen along the way, hopefully.


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