being brown

Day 3

A lazy day by pool-side & beach-side

Its 9.15pm and the world has just been drenched. It is so much cooler than in the afternoon. I am sitting on the terrace sit-out of Palm Grove guest house; it is small and full of house plants. I am sitting on a sofa and a hammock is right beside me. I have my feet on the coffee table before me and I write under the dim yellow light emerging from the origami lantern above me. I am exhausted.

I woke this morning at 8 am and took a shower. I had intended to wake up earlier and take a walk on the beach. But obviously that wasn’t happening at 8 am. The sun was well on its way to turn the earth into some kind of lava. By 9.30 we were all out having a hearty breakfast with our Swedish neighbours, a mother, father, daughter and daughter’s boy friend. I had a quarter piece of papaya, one elaki (small size banana and a solitary piece of orange. Then came three bread slices with butter and marmalade and an half boiled egg. All of which found its way to our ungrateful tummies.

We then decided to take a walk down the road- to retrace our steps to find the hotel that offered swimming pool

On our way to the pool

On our way to the pool

facilities that we spotted last night when we were in the taxi and lost. We found it and spent the whole morning splashing around in the pool and reading a book outside of it, alternatively. We finished at about 1 and quickly made our way to a road-side dhaba sort of place to lunch for we were starving. We made a meal of prawn curry and rice that was simply delectable. Slurpping the coconut goodness, guiltless as we had literally spent the morning swimming around.

The heavy meal caused a listless stupor and the three of us were fast asleep as soon as we reached the guesthouse. When we got up and decided to actually make our way to the famed beaches of Unawatuna. Cherie, being her thoughtful self, had lent us a couple of bikinis in the hope that we would be able to throw away our India middle-class shackles and embrace what was perhaps a liberating exercise. The Bikinis cause much deliberation in our room, I can tell you that.

The Beach in all its blue splendour

The Beach in all its blue splendour

A 5 minute walk brought us to a long stretch of the beach most of which was lined with beach resorts on the seafaces of which, their guests, mostly Caucasian, let their pink bodies blister in the tropical, summer heat. We know because we blistered too!

Tomorrow, we are going to Gaul and Janice, Paul’s go-to man for everything, is taking us in his rickshaw to Galle. We plan to spend the day there and in Marinha’s excited words, ‘Shopping, at last!’


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